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The Burning Means It’s A Poll

The Top 20 needs a Revolution… and TOGETHAH, WE are the ones to do this burning and revolting. We do not need to Make This Poll Great Again. We just need to make sure it is accessible for EVERYONE!

For years… the Top 20 has been controlled by the Baltimore beltway media elites… and the evil-hearted special interest lobbyists from big lacrosse.

They want to take away your right to a FAIR system of Top 20 polling… They funnel votes through unregulated and antiquated systems and want to feed all the votes to the ACC… or the Big Ten… or whomever will pay them off with big poll contributions.

This has been going on forever… and the system is BROKE, I tells ya!

Well, NO MORE, I say.


I do not want to do this… BUT… I will do this. I am the man to stop it all… and change everything. You have never heard this before… and this time it is true. Even though you have never heard it!

The Media Poll can not be another back-room Baltimore deal… So I show my votes to you FREELY OF MY OWN FREE WILL… so you can see the only people who pay me are the little guys… in the hopes that we can all feel some sort of burning. That really doesn’t sound good, does it?

God bless Brooklyn!

Burning Down The Top 20

1) Brown – I like how these guys think. They’re liberal with the scoring. Very liberal. They pounded Princeton and they look like an offensive ma-CHINE. I love these guys!
2) Yale – You can’t knock Yale. it would be unfair, and I won’t do unfair things. Yale is a good team, and they would make an excellent number 1.
3) Denver – Denver is a beautiful smorgasbord of people coming together from all over, which is really a truly wonderful thing.
4) Notre Dame – I respect tradition when it’s done right, and ND does tradition right.
5) Maryland – These guys have chutzpah coming out their ears. Once they took the leash they had on their own neck off, they started running like real turtles. But not the slow Galapagos ones. The fast ones that beat that rabbit.
6) Johns Hopkins – Hop is up and down, but something about them scares me. In a good way.
7) Syracuse – People say Cuse can’t win without dominating face offs but I don’t see why it has to be true. They have talent and resources. Maybe if we tax them a lot more they will perform better. THEY HAVE ENOUGH TALENT TO SHARE! Maybe they have too much talent.
8) Albany – I would make Albany free to anyone, and that would only make their team better. Right now they are still very good.
9) Navy – I’ve always supported our service academies and Navy does us all proud at 7-2 with a number of consecutive wins piling up.
10) Villanova – Nova is a little weird and unpredictable, but then again so am I. Look, a BIRD! Still, they don’t drop too far, yet.
11) Stony Brook – I wish they played a better schedule, but I can’t justify them any higher. I just. can’t. do it.
12) Towson – Towson and Stony Brook are like two peas in a pod, and I will eat that pod of peas.
13) Marquette – Their signature win over Nova pushes them way up.
14) UNC – See Albany, but more unpredictable AND more battle tested.
15) Duke – Win some, lose some, what can you do?
16) Rutgers – Rutgers was IN, then they were OUT. One game can make all the difference for Rutgers in most voters’ eyes.
17) Loyola – Loyola also makes me nervous right now, and not in a good way.
18) Virginia – People thought I was done, and then I wasn’t. Virginia is in the same place, so I’m all Wahoos right now baby.
19) Air Force – I’m looking for intangibles and AFA has ’em out the Wazoo! Hustle like few, jam the ball inside like few others. Air Force.
20) St. Joseph’s – Sometimes the smaller guys deserve love, and this is St. Joseph’s week for that!

Now, you must ask me how I did not rank Penn State this week. You must! Because it is a fair question, and I will give you a fair response.

I forgot them. I’m old, I forget things, and this week I forgot Penn State. Sort of. I’m also not really sold on them yet. Yes, beating Denver is great, but they have also lost to every other ranked team that they have played including 4-5 UMass and 5-4 Penn.

Ok, so you gave me a shot, I did what I could, and in the end, not all that much changed. Hey, at least I made it through the entire poll without keeling over, and I didn’t show my bias by ranking Vermont. In these days of special interests, that is certainly something.

Oh, look! Another bird.

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