The Crash Album: HOV Tunes For Tourney Time


<a href="" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', '', 'Jimi Boys by DJ Moondance');">Jimi Boys by DJ Moondance</a>

I was introduced to this album today thanks to Tumblr, and I must say, it’s great change of pace. Think about it, the last thing you need is rager music right now.

Is this lacrosse music?It doesn’t matter if you’re playing or you’re just a fan, come tourney time we all need a chance to sit back, relax, and think about how far we’ve come.

If someone asked you why you love lacrosse, what would you say? I don’t want to get all Yoda on you, but hell, if you’re a player this is the time of year you really do gotta have the force with you. Right? If you’re playing in the post-season I guarentee you love lacrosse. (By the way, happy belated Star Wars Day from LaxAllStars!). To play lacrosse, especially at the collegiate level, you really do have to be passionate about it. You gotta have the drive to compete. The mentality to perform.

In lacrosse, there’s no free ride and there’s no mercy. In every other mainstream men’s collegiate sport (yep, I’m calling lacrosse mainstream in this context) there are full ride scholarships. Athletes are plentiful and the best ones get a free education. But with lacrosse, it’s not that simple. Just look back at the video interview with DU Head Coach Jamie Monro we posted a few weeks ago – if a teammate says he was given a full ride scholarship he’s probably lying. If there are no free educations or if you have to pay team dues to keep it going, you have to WANT to play. Lacrosse tends to have that “If you don’t wanna win, get out before you get hurt” mentality. There has to be a reason.

Is this lacrosse music?Now where am I going with this? Am I saying that Jay-Z is the musical version of what the sport of lacrosse can be? Maybe, just maybe, but there’s gotta be a little Dave Matthews Band in there too…

We’re onto something here in the lacrosse world. The sport is growing thanks to former players, outlandish competitors, and visionary leaders. Look no further than US Lacrosse and

Maybe HOV and DMB aren’t the perfect fit for lacrosse, but I think they represent the two mentalities that collide in this sport. It takes passion to play this game, and both these artists have that along with their unique styles. In essence, it’s music like this that keeps the players moving, the fans attached, and the game growing.

“Just my thoughts, ladies and gentleman. Just what I was feelin’ at the time. Ya know what I mean?” – HOV

Check out The Crash Album here.

[Ed’s note: Somewhere GMODT is rolling in his grave.]