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The Fall Grind: Quinnipiac Lacrosse

The last time NCAA D1 Quinnipiac (CT) was on LAS, the Bobcats got put through their brutal Judgement Day paces, and they seemed to come out of it OK and looking for more. So what’s more? The rest of their fall ball work, of course.

Quinnipiac players are up early in the morning to get in shooting repetitions. They play deal ball wall ball, aka doo doo ball. They play Olympic style handball on field hockey nets, with a kick ball. They wrestle each other. They even grow some pretty serious mustaches.

If you were ever curious about what goes in to a Division 1 fall ball period, the above should give you some idea. There is some fun, a lot of skill building, competition, and lots and lots of hard work.

My favorite part of the video was probably the handball game. While I love wall ball and shooting drills, they are kind of standard inclusions for any team. The game of handball, however, allows guys to think like lacrosse players, but use different skill sets, and this can definitely help raise in-game IQs.¬†Quinnipiac looks like they have a solid group for 2013, and I’m excited to see how they fare.