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The Greatest Mother’s Day Lacrosse Gift

There is no material good on Earth that can rival the gift Verina and Errol Crawford have given Hampton University.  In honor of their late son, Mike, and to fulfill his last wish, the Crawfords got a lacrosse club started at Hampton in Virginia, and we covered the build up to the event (The Hampton Lacrosse Story: From Incredible Loss Comes Family), as well as the event itself (Live From Lacrosse Day With Connor Wilson).

The YES Network was down in Virginia for Lacrosse Day as well, and they put together an amazing video on Verina and Errol’s efforts, which aired this past weekend, on Mother’s Day.

Dr. Miles Harrison, Shamel and Rhamel Bratton, and Lloyd Carter (of BlaxLax) are all interviewed in the video, in addition to the Crawfords, and we also get to see some sweet lax video action from the day!

Thanks to all who came out for Lacrosse Day, and thanks to the YES Network for putting together such an inspiring video!