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The Ice Box: Egg Theory

If you’re ready to step your game up and don’t feel the need to rock your High School Football T-shirt ALL THE TIME, then read on and try something new.  Who knows, you might even like it!  As usual, you can get most of this stuff through JackThreads.  We will also be featuring items from Giltman, RueLaLa and other discount online retailers but so far their goods just haven’t been what I’m looking for.  However, we may do suits next time, so watch out for that!

We found some red chino pants from DQM and they look sick.  And very comfortable.  Gap and J Crew chinos are usually voluminous and designed for fatties.  American Apparel chinos are wicked right and designed for anorexics.  DQM offers something in between the two ends of the spectrum with some room to move around without the late 90s hip-hop bagginess.  Plus they make red pants.  Done deal.

DQM is an NYC-based company and to stay on that trend, we’re featuring Alife next.  Alife started out as a custom sneaker shop on the Lower East Side and now they make their own shoes.  One of these Alife creations is a hiking boot and it looks like the kind of shoe/boot that can take a beating but still get you into a nice bar without any hassle.  Multifaceted usability.  I like it.

The last piece of gear we’re highlighting is this short sleeve sweatshirt by Life/After/Denim.  No need to cut the sleeves off… L/A/D has already done it for you!  I like red pants, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I also like shortsleeve sweatshirts.  I mean the two go hand in hand, do they not?  They do.  Be cool, be 80’s, but be better.  Now you know.

For your daily fix of lifestyle & lax gear, make sure you check out!