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The Ice Box: The Basics+

A good button up shirt, jacket or pair of pants can last for years so finding those must-have items (that will be in your closet for a while) should almost always be your goal when looking for new gear.  While trying a little harder to keep the shout outs in the lacrosse fam, we’ve found a couple of great items over at  Who’d a thunk it?

Adidas has entered the lacrosse world and they’re really pushing to make a mark.  All of this new attention and I still had no idea they were making shirts like this:

I am partial to flannel. There, I said it. A little flair but classic and basic. Success.

You can buy the Adidas DB Flannel Shirt for $50 over on

Solely because of the color scheme, I know my boy over at 412 will loves these next shorts.  And shorts, to a lacrosse player, are incredibly important.  Probably as important as shirts.

Nike, like Adidas, is relatively new to the lacrosse world.  Sure, they’ve been producing excellent commercials both recently, like the Max Seibald BOOM! ad, and in the past, like the 1996 Nike Lacrosse ad we featured last week.  Well, now Nike is diving into the apparel market headfirst. These  Nike Lax Fade Shorts run $35 on

Black and Yellow. Black and Yellow. Black and Yellow. Genius.

Finally we’ll end with what still may be the best lacrosse manufacturer hoodie out there.  Hoodies are awesome. ‘Nuff said.  The Warrior Tempo Full Zip Hoodie has a great look to it.  It’s just a perfect zip up hoodie, that’s all there is to it.  You can pick one of these up for $45 from

The Ice Box will be back next Wednesday with more of the best gear out there.  We scour the web, so you don’t have to.

For your daily fix of lifestyle & lax gear, make sure you check out!