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The Ice Box: The Good, Bad And WTF?

We all wear a lot of lacrosse gear.  Sublimated shorts, sweatshirts, hats and sneakers make up a good sized chunk of my wardrobe.  But it’s not always appropriate to wear your lacrosse gear out of the house, so LAS is making sure you know what else is good out there – just in case you wanted any help.  “Look good, play good” works both on and off the field.

Up first we’ve got a “going out after the big win shirt” from Scott Weiland.  A little bit of flair with white on the inside of the collar and cuffs means this isn’t just another boring dress shirt.  However, it doesn’t go over board and get all English on us.  If SW had gone with a light orange paisley, it would have been too far.  Jackthreads has these shirts… and as always, they are on sale. GiltMan is also a great online spot for higher end menswear.

Jumping back in to the task at hand… I like this shirt, but thought the rest of the SWeiland stuff was pretty weak.  Kids, take note: DON’T DO HEROIN.  Weiland is trying to right his life so props to him for that, but it may explain some of his other designs.  One good shirt is an OK start though.

In prep for winter, I’m also trying to help you help yourself keep warm out there.  A great way to do this is by picking up a lined hooded sweatshirt.  I recently got a fully lined, button-up, hooded shirt from Analog and it has already proven to be a lifesaver during the first few really cool mornings as I headed off to play lax.  As it gets colder I’ll layer it under jackets and that will allow me to tailgate until I can’t stand up anymore.  Another lined hoodie that caught my eye was this simple joint by Wrangler… it just looks beyond warm and if you’re in Montana, Maine or Montreal it’ll get you through the night.  And Brett Favre would wear it because he’s been wearing Wrangler since 1935, when he first joined the NFL.  Pretty much anything lined with berber is ok by me.

I’m also going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction.  I could be wrong about this (otherwise it’s not really a prediction), but I think bleached jeans are going to make a major comeback.  I see the “designer” bleached jeans here in NYC and for the most part, they look awful.  But when they’re done right, at home, by normal people, the look really works.  It will take a serious set of cojones to be the first kid at your school to step up and rock this look, but we are lacrosse players after all so maybe we’re more willing to be special.

Finally for those looking to step it up a bit more and get super classy, we’ve found this… haha. I almost made it through without laughing.  This is just the worst shirt ever and I had to show it to you.  If anyone offers you something from the company Rochambeau (way to take a good name for a great game and ruin it!), please turn it down.  This is the worst “shirt” ever.  Epic, epic fail.  I found it on another unnamed fashion website FOR SALE at $98.  Are these people serious?  I mean, really.  The most bourgeois French people wouldn’t even don this disaster.  It’s like an Ed Hardy shirt on HGH and PCP.

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