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The Ivies Go Corporate

ivy_leagueNo conference puts academics before athletics like the Ivy League, which always produces true student-athletes.  One way to make sure you attract the kind of player that plans on attending classes, and major in something other than “General Studies”, is to shy away from making your athletic contests out to be a bigger deal than they are.

That’s why the recent announcement that next year’s conference championship tournament for both men’s and women’s lacrosse will be taking on a title sponsor doesn’t quite fit the mold.

“We don’t have a budget to buy the television time,” (Ivy League Executive Director Robin) Harris said in an interview. “So the sponsor’s money essentially goes to pay the television production costs, and we’ll get some ads to sell during the broadcast.”

I have a hard time believing a collection of schools with endowments in the BILLIONS can’t afford to air a couple of lacrosse games, but I’m more interested in which company will jump on the chance to associate themselves with the future investment bankers of the world.


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