The Kettlebell Revisited: He-Man Would’ve Loved This

Last Wednesday, we did a video post introducing the Craziest Lacrosse Workout Ever. About an hour after it was published, the video was taken off YouTube. Lucky for us, YouTube has a lot more videos to choose from…

Without further ado, we present to you THE Kettlebell Workout…OR How to become
The Most Powerful Man in the Universe!

MORE INFO @ OR Men’s Vogue (???)…

The Most Powerful Man in the Universe!

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Jeff Brunelle

Jeff Brunelle is the founder and CEO of Lacrosse All Stars. A west coast native and product of the MCLA, Jeff moved back East after college and truly fell in love with the game. He now spends every waking moment building and Red Label Sports from our headquarters in Boise, Idaho.


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