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The Lacrosse Shop lifestyle & apparel gear

Editor’s note: Each month, we’re going to take time out to show you what’s currently popular in our new online store. Every purchase helps fuel the content here at Lax All Stars, so it’s worth it for us to talk about!

Since launching last month, The Lacrosse Shop has taken shape as a premier boutique provider of lifestyle goods to the entire lacrosse community.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s hot this month.

10. GTG Helmet Stickers

25 Grow The Game helmet stickers per pack!

9. Rhino Lacrosse Chesty Tee

Rhino Lacrosse Chesty T-shirt

Nike brand product!

8. Warm Fade Shorts by StrikerDanger

Warm Fade Shorts by StrikerDanger

Dedicated to the 80's babies...

7. Purple/Green/Pink Rhino Socks

Gotta appreciate those old school stripes.

6. Action Jackson

Action Jackson Adrenaline t-shirt

Connor Wilson's poker shirt


5. Grow The Game tee

Lax All Stars Grow the Game t-shirt


4. Rhino Lacrosse Scripty Tee

Scripty Rhino Lacrosse Tee

Nike brand product!

3. Man-Bro Plaids

Man-Bro Bro-Man Plaid Sunglasses

Bright AND intricate.

2. Darth Woozle Shorts

— IN STOCK as of Friday 3/18!!! —

Lax All Stars Darth Woozle Shorts

Be a very wary bear...

1. Man-Bro Neon Arms

Man-Bro Bro-Man Neon Arms Sunglasses

Business in the front, party in the back.

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Every purchase helps fuel the great content at!!

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