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The Lacrosse Show, Episode 1

Welcome to the first-ever episode of The Lacrosse Show! Each week we’ll be filming a 10-15 minute long web TV show in which we tackle the biggest topics in the game today. Trust us, our energetic and entertaining hosts know the game much better than Skip Bayless knows LeBron!

The Lacrosse Show

We’ll cover a range of topics each episode. From the professional, college, and high school levels to sick gear and Growing The Game – it will all get air time on The Lacrosse Show. This week’s inaugural episode is a fiery hot bare bones show featuring your fearless hosts, Connor Wilson and Mark Powers, as they break down the major issues facing the game right now!

Episode 1:

This show is also available as an audio podcast. Click to listen or download from iTunes below.

Download the audio from this episode in iTunes or right-click here and save

The Lacrosse Show is not about fancy set design or switching camera angles constantly. It’s about passion, opinion, honest discussion and the pursuit of truth. And of course at the same time, the show is guaranteed to be a fun ride! All killer, no filler.

As you saw in the first episode, we covered a number of topics from the Salt Shakerz Invitational to the MLL All-Star Game, to violence in the pro leagues, brand new gear and a local Game Grower right here in New York City, where the show is filmed!

Make sure to check back every week for more great episodes of The Lacrosse Show!