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The Lacrosse Show, Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of The Lacrosse Show! Each week we’ll be filming a web TV show in which we tackle the biggest topics facing the game today. Our informed and entertaining hosts know the game better than Skip Bayless knows LeBron!

The Lacrosse Show

The Lacrosse Show will cover a range of topics each episode. From the international, professional, college, and high school levels to sick gear and Growing The Game – it all gets air time on our show. This week’s episode is a rapid fire lacrosse drop as your host, Connor Wilson, tackles some of the biggest issues out there right now!

Episode 2:

As you saw in the first episode of The Lacrosse Show, and now the second, we cover a broad range of topics, and we always feature a big time Game Grower shout out.

If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed, or a comment you would like a response to, hit us up in the comments! Great questions or comments will get a shout out in the next episode of The Lacrosse Show!