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The Lacrosse Show – Episode 6: 2013 Legal Stick Stringing


The Lacrosse Show is back with an updated special on the 2013 Stick Stringing Rule Changes. The rules aren’t set in stone yet, but it appears that stringers will get just a little more room to play with when putting in shooting strings.

Watch Episode 6 of the The Lacrosse Show below to get fully updated!

Are we going to see more traditional in 2013? I’d think so. The requests from college assistant coaches have already begun!


Getting some twigs dialed up!

Don’t forget to check out a great interview with Canada’s Jordan MacIntosh. Did you know he restrings his stick before EVERY single game? Little bit of Friday Lacrosse Show trivia for you.

Are you a college player? How are you switching up your stick stringing? Thinking of switching to soft mesh or traditional? Let us know your thoughts!

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