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The Lacrosse Show: Proposed NCAA Stick Stringing Rule Changes

Propose new rules for stick stringing in the NCAA and people will FREAK OUT! It happened in 2010 when the head width measurements were adjusted, and very little change came as a result. Now that the Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee has recommended MORE changes, people are worried all over again. But should they really be worried? Is it that big of change?

Connor Wilson and The Lacrosse Show take a deeper look at what these new stick regulations could mean if they are adopted.

So what do YOU think? Are the proposed stick rules really that big of a deal, or will talented stringers just find more ways around regulation?


It seems like no matter what rules are imposed, crafty stringers out there will manage to stay ahead of the curve.  As Connor demonstrated, it’s really not that big of a difference… so why all the beef? If you already own our Mesh Doctor T or a our Dye Master Tank, you probably aren’t too worried.