LAS Internship Program
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The LAS Internship Program

Lacrosse All Stars is excited to announce the brand new LAS Internship Program. Beginning June 2013, a select number of internships will be available year round to passionate lacrosse players, fans, and followers interested in sports media.

The Basics

LAS is a media outlet dedicated to making lacrosse the most popular sport in the world. Serving an audience of over 300,000 lacrosse fans worldwide, LAS hosts a network of blogs and produces its own compelling content on a daily basis. The LAS platform empowers passionate lacrosse fans to make their voices heard.

At LAS, we take internships seriously. Some of our best life experiences have come our way thanks to incredible internships and the people we’ve met along the way. As an LAS Intern, you’ll get your hands dirty right off the bat, you’ll work on real projects with real people who genuinely care about the outcome, and you’ll end each day feeling like you’ve accomplished a lot to help grow the game.

The LAS Internship Program has been designed to deliver a one-of-a-kind working experience. Interns will be expected to immerse themselves in the company culture and also play a key role in shaping it. The experience is ideal for college students who possess an infatuation with digital media, a knack for fixing things that aren’t broken, and the understanding that, even when things seem fine, there’s always a better way.

Relevant majors include but are not limited to: Business, Journalism, Digital Media, Computer Science, Psychology, and History.

Current Openings

[tabs tab1=”Production Intern” tab2=”Editorial Intern” tab3=”Public Relations Intern”]

[tab id=1] Number of openings: 2

The ideal Production Intern is a self-motivated perfectionist who pays insane attention to detail. Working under direction of our Special Ops manager, the PI will find, procure, and produce content daily for the content network.

Creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to voice concepts and opinions are also important characteristics. We are looking for someone who is interested in creating positive social impact through community building, story-telling, and growing the game.


[tab id=2] Number of openings: 1

The ideal Editorial Intern is a pure lacrosse junky who’s ready to share his/her passion with the world. Working under direction of our Lead Editor, the Editorial Intern will serve as a liaison between the editorial staff and our growing network of blogs and contributors. Part organizer, part fact-checker, the Editorial Intern is always pushing for the highest quality and is ready to fill in where needed, often times with short notice.

Email etiquette, attention to detail, and the ability to work late hours and weekends are also important factors.


[tab id=3]Number of openings: 1

The ideal Public Relations Intern is a communications guru who can’t go five minutes without checking his/her smartphone for the latest updates or to respond to the most recent email. Working under direction of our CEO, the main objective of the PR Intern is to evangelize LAS throughout the ever growing lacrosse community. This includes acting as first respondent to important inquiries the company receives and cultivating relationships with mainstream media outlets.

Superior communication skills, attention to detail, and a tenacious sense of purpose are all important qualities of the Public Relations Intern.



General Requirements

The ideal LAS Intern embodies all or most of the following:

  • Passion for the sport of lacrosse and its ever growing community
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Extremely high level of organization, attention to detail
  • Working knowledge of the lacrosse industry and/or a deep perspective on what’s important to lacrosse players and fans
  • Experience using online publishing software, Google Drive, Dropbox, Social Media for marketing purposes, and at least a basic understanding of various creative applications (i.e. iMovie, Garageband, Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Workhorse attitude with flexible schedule (sometimes requires nights & weekend work)
  • Motivation to serve lacrosse fans around the world through creation of the most groundbreaking lacrosse content on the web

Partner Match

In addition to LAS-specific duties, each Intern qualifies for a Partner Match (PM). After a series of interviews, an Intern is matched with an LAS partner company for which they will spend up to 20% of their time serving and collaborating with throughout his/her time in the LAS organization. During events and other activities, the Intern acts as an ambassador for his/her PM, evangelizing the brand personally through work at LAS.

LAS partners include Rhino Lacrosse,, Easton Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Network, Fields of Growth, RipNet, and Team 22 Lacrosse.


Lacrosse All Stars is a web-based company that values productivity over proximity and relies heavily on digital communication. Internships may be executed onsite or remotely. Either way, each member of our team sets his/her own hours and, aside from the occasional mandatory meeting, comes and goes at his/her own will based on responsibilities and workload.


In addition to Partner Match and Flexibility, the LAS Internship Program also provides these benefits:

  • Experience working with a company pushing the limits in niche sports media
  • Post-collegiate mentorship and career advice from key members of LAS staff
  • Academic credit from your college or university (upon approval)
  • And of course, an LAS Welcome Pack including free gear and other Internship necessities!

Paid and unpaid positions available. Compensation depends on experience, passion, and ingenuity.

How To Apply

If interested, please submit your resume, plus a creative response (anything goes) that shows off your personality and sheds light on a past experience that helped make you who you are today. Please email these items to with “LAS Internship Application:” and your full name in the subject line.

Must be 18 years or older to apply.