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Treasure Hunt: The Lax’s Summer Booty

I guess it’s my turn to reveal my wanted gear for the summer.

Hard Booty

I want one of 3 things.

A clear Cascade Pro7

A chromed out Warrior Trojan. Any color.

A murdered out Warrior Trojan.

Moving to the jersey/shirt aspect of the booty list, I have not a single item. Instead, I have a company.

StrikerDanger. Every single item I’ve seen them produce is nothing but money.

Our very own Connor Wilson models a full Striker Danger set:

Oh, and the Bro Academies shirts. I want them all.

Leg coverings, again, anything by StrikerDanger. I have a pair of RTD shorts and I love them.

ProAthletics makes some killer shorts, but you should already know that because you bought a pair of the LAS shorts.

I need some new cleats. My old Reeboks take on water.

I might go back to what I got for my first pair. A fresh set of Nikes.

Specifically, a custom pair of Nike Air Huarache D cleats

Except not that color. I hate that color.

Warrior shooting shoes look pretty legit, too. I want them.

I’ve owned nothing but Brine padding/gloves. I think all my pads are Deft pads. I still have a pair of black/white Deft gloves. I upgraded a few months ago to navy blue Brine Silo gloves. Love them. If the new Esquire or King III’s are anything like the Silo’s, I want them.

I’d be willing to try some K18 gloves….

….or even some Mac Daddy or Sugar Daddy’s from Warrior.

I’m also a fan of the Maybachs from Maverik.

Harrow’s Syncro or Torrent gloves are also on my radar.

I’m not a fan of shoulder pads or arm pads, so they aren’t even gonna get a look from me.

As far as heads and shafts, I’m really not too picky. All I want is a light shaft and a head that’s light, but flexible and stiff enough to take the punishment I give it as a pole. Oh, and it should also be able to work on a short stick because I have been known to run with one of those on occasion.

My only request for the head is that it gets a Connor Wilson dye job. With this given to me as inspiration by @dmblaxgurl2515 on Twitter….

That’s right. A purple and glittery gold head. If anyone can do it, Connor can.

Just to be clear, the real inspiration is a blonde girl obsessed with glitter.

Hey Ke$ha, fyi, I’m overweight, have a beard, and I’m just a tad redneck. Call me.

Soft Booty

Again we’ll start with the head.

Knockaround sunglasses. They got the look and they’re cheap. Just how I like it.

I wear a Maverik ReMix hat around. Purple style. Seems to be a recurring thing, doesn’t it?

It's like this, but in purple.

And other than that, I’m really not too picky about what I wear. I’m always looking for a good comfy pair of khaki’s, or khaki shorts. Why khaki? Two reasons: 1) I hate blue jeans. I don’t find them to be comfortable at all. 2) My job requires khaki pants.

Here is where I hit my wall. I don’t really know of any other stuff that I would want. Mainly because I haven’t really looked or know of where to look.  Feel free to give me any suggestions here or on Twitter @TheLax.

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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