The More Rabils The Better


Give this little mini-doc a spin and tell me you don’t think Paul Rabil is a great ambassador for the sport. In my humble opinion, he has done – and continues to do – a great job presenting himself and the sport to the masses.

We need more of him or other pros like him charging towards the mainstream.

Right now, in order for lacrosse to grow it’s mainstream media coverage, there is still something missing. Is it more players stepping up and pushing their stories to the media OR is it a believer or three behind the scenes at a big time conglomerate? Either one could lead to a lot of exposure for the lacrosse community, the MLL and the industry as a whole. The movement hasn’t happened yet but it will. And when it does, the game will spread like wildfire.

Having said that…

I’m excited to see the All-Star game on ESPN2 tonight. And I hope anticipation of “The Decision” doesn’t divert mainstream sports fans from watching lacrosse in HD. After all, the All-Star Game isn’t just an MLL thing… it’s a USA thing. That in itself is leverage for converting first-time viewers to passionate fans, right?

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