The Notorious Butter – Hit The Slopes

Afterbang buttering snowboard grind
Afterbang buttering snowboard grind


We love lax like nothing else.  It’s clearly an obsession for us.  But we also like other stuff, and awesome snowboard and skiing videos definitely fits in to this awesome other stuff category.  We were first introduced to “Buttering” in Robot Food’s “AfterBang” snow sports video, and since then the butter action has only gotten smoother.  Thanks to Liew R for the find!

Also, if you haven’t seen Afterbang, you should. It’s one of the better Snowboard vids of all time in our humble opinion. I mean the title of the film became the name of an ugly landing technique. How could you not love it?

And if you’re looking for some awesome musical suggestions, make sure to check out all the tracks from Afterbang.  It’s a killer soundtrack!

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