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Casey Customs Lacrosse Cleats Lax All Stars USA

The ONE CLEAT To Rule Them All: LAS Casey Custom Nike Huaraches

D1 teams broke out new gear for their playoff games this weekend and this included some new footwear. Well, LAS has cleats to show off (LAS Cleats no less!) that literally KILL all of those other footwear projects. These Casey Custom Nike Huaraches are the best cleats of the year.

We saw a bunch of new pieces of gear this weekend, and Hopkins, Virginia and Cuse all got brand spanking new footwear.  Some were shiny (Hop), some were neon (Cuse), and some were a little underwhelming (UVA) , but NONE of those cleats measure up to what we’ve got in store for you.  NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.  Prepare yourself for LAS cleats that will rock your socks off.

This project has been in the works for a while now, originally because we wanted to make sure we had some outrageous cleats to wear on our trip to Thailand (Big Lax Game in Bangkok on June 4th!).  We thought an LAS/USA themed boot would be perfect (US cleats on Thai turf, Growing The Game, so cool!) for the trip and once we got in touch with Pat Casey from Casey Customs, we knew we had found THE man to do the artwork.  Deciding on a pair of cleats to get customized was a little harder, but I had always enjoyed wearing Nike Huarache cleats, both for their look and comfort, and Nike hooked us up with 2 pairs for the project.

I got the cleats for my man at Nike (Thank YOU!!!)  shipped ’em out to Pat and said, “go to work… what you do is 100% up to you.  It’s YOUR thing, and I trust you.  Just make them Sweet!”

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Very smart call on my part, because Pat Casey delivered in a MAJOR way.  These are the greatest cleats I’ve ever seen.  The USA artwork on the sides of the cleats is modern in style, yet its patchwork appearance also harkens back to the Revolutionary War, where US flags were made from scraps of cloth.  The American Revolution was a Movement to create a new state, and while we are going to Thailand with a 100% peaceful goal, we are also trying to help create something new: a vibrant lacrosse scene in Thailand!

Thanks to Casey Customs, Nike, the USA for the inspiration and Thailand for the motivation!  Now on to the photos!

Casey Customs Lacrosse Cleats Lax All Stars USA
Yeah. you ARE jealous.
Casey Customs Lacrosse Cleats Lax All Stars USA
The USA cleat (right)
Casey Customs Lacrosse Cleats Lax All Stars USA
The flag cleat
Casey Customs Lacrosse Cleats Lax All Stars USA
Wait till you see the instep side…
Casey Customs Lacrosse Cleats Lax All Stars USA
Yeah, that’s just amazing.
Casey Customs Lacrosse Cleats Lax All Stars USA
Yup, insteps are LEGIT!

These are almost TOO sick to ever wear… but you know I’ll be wearing them.  ALL THE TIME.  When I get something nice, I tend to use it.  Putting it on a wall and just looking at it defeats the purpose of owning something.  Take a picture next time!

I couldn’t be more happy with the way these cleats came out and once they arrive on my doorstep, I’ll be sure to take some action photos as well!

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