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The Online Lacrosse Radio Show You NEED To Listen To!

During the NLL season, Connor Wilson was a guest most weeks on Lax Live, which was then hosted by Marisa Ingemi of, which is part of SB Nation.  Well now that the NLL is done, and the MLL is rolling along strong, Lax Live has taken much more of a field lacrosse slant.  And now our own Connor Wilson is co-hosting most weeks!

Blog Talk Radio Lax Live
BTR gets the job done.

Guests include other writers from SB Nation, beat journalists for specific teams, and even pro players.  This week Lewis Ratcliff, NLL star and LXM PRO will be on the call and we’re excited to see what he has to say!  We’ll be covering everything from the MLL, to the WLA (Canadian summer box league) to the Calgary Roughnecks going from financial insolvency to being purchased by the Flames of the NHL.

I like writing about lacrosse a lot, but talking about it?  Even better!  Well, different at the very least.  Lots of points made very quickly, and often a lot of disagreement.  We just got picked up by a radio station down South, so this show is headed in the right direction: UP!

Here’s the link to tonight’s show, starting at 6pm.  Lax Live 2.2

Listen to Lax Live on Blog Talk Radio at 6pm on Thursdays (and some Fridays) all Summer long!  The link says the show is at 4pm, but it’s Edmonton time.  Yeah, I know, that makes no sense to me either.  But whatever!  Edmonton’s cool. Ha. Get it?

Blog Talk Radio Lax Live