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The Other Lacrosse Convention

With all the recent talk of the US Lacrosse National Convention going around, here at Lacrosse Fire headquarters, we thought we’d rewind things a bit and share some thoughts about the 2009 California Lacrosse Convention.

The first annual California Lacrosse Convention was held in Orange County back on Saturday, November 14.  Sponsored, in part by the LA and OC Chapters of US Lacrosse, the event was also celebrating 50 years of the fastest game on two feet in the So. Cal area.  The convention held several outdoor seminars for players at all levels, in addition to a coaches clinic that was held the same day.

There were some vendors on hand, nothing like the exhibit hall you can see here in the vid from LaxCon.  However, a couple caught our eye.  Here’s one.

Clearly not regulation, so I’m wondering how it’ll throw off accuracy.   You can learn more at

The highlight of the convention was legendary men’s lacrosse coach, Bill Tierney, as the keynote speaker.  We aren’t going to bore you with all the numbers and stats that Coach Tierney has under his belt.  Suffice it to say that he knows his stuff.

The theme of his speech, was “Fifty Years and Moving Forward, How We Can Do It Right.”  He spoke to a crowd of about 250 people on Cal State Fullerton Campus.  The crowd, composed of players, fans, parents, coaches, and any combination therein, listened to Coach Tierney’s words as if he were a prophet leading us to enlightenment!

Coach Tierney spoke on positive and negative trends that he is observing in the lacrosse world that have the potential to lead the sport down alternate paths.  If we want lacrosse to grow then we must help it grow in the right direction.  “Keep it simple, keep it fun.”  Tierney said, “Invent games to make it entertaining during practice.”  Another bit of advice was donate old equipment.  That old stick or helmet maybe someone’s entry into the lax arena.

He also warned about kids specializing in one sport, and the parents who often push them too hard to excel.  Recruiting is happening earlier and earlier and it’s a trend that needs to back off.

Clearly this recap doesn’t do justice, but this article from Lacrosse Magazine gives you an idea of who he is, where he came from, and where he is going.

We had a chance to talk with Coach Tierney during the convention and here is what we got.

LF: What are your goals at Denver University?

BT: Win a National Championship  (We too were dumbfounded by the simple obvious.)

LF: Fast forward a few years and you find yourself in the National Championship against Princeton.  What would your thoughts be?

BT: I will always be defined by Princeton.  Princeton is what I am all about and there will always be a strong place in my heart for Princeton.  Maybe that will be a few years from now so that some of the guys I know are no longer there.

LF: You had the opportunity to Coach your sons, Trevor and Brendan on the lacrosse field, now you have the opportunity to coach with Trevor on the sideline.  What are some of the differences in those two aspects?

BT: There’s a lot less pressure coaching with him than there was coaching him.  Naturally I have the final decision when it comes to things.  He’s still young, but it’s fun working alongside him.

LF: We were watching highlights from the 2001 championship game, and after the final goal there is an image of you breaking down on the field.  What were your thoughts at that time?

BT: When I see that picture I still get chills, even today I get emotional.  That was the culmination of my whole career.  Learning the game, teaching my famly, coaching my boys in the game.  Not too many people are that fortunate to be blessed that way.  It was wonderful.

LF: One final question Coach; Mexican or Chinese food?

BT: It would have to be very mild Mexican.

There you have it folks.  Coach Tierney heads to Colorado and is eager to lead Denver lacrosse on a “new adventure.”  Best of  Luck to Coach Tierney and the Pioneers.

Overall the lacrosse convention, while being a little small, was a success.  Having Coach Tierney there made it fully legit.  The clinics that were being held, outside no less, were pretty well attended.  One perk was that lunch was provided for all the attendees! If the con gets bigger we think that will be something cut out.  But if it means bigger vendor names, more clinincs etc then it’s worth it.

Back to the present  Found this little nugget while on couch duty.

Taking a cue from 412 Lax:

0:5 Hot Mom

0:7 Lax helmet clued me in

0:11 Finally a woman who can drive

0:23 Respectable flow, lax bro and younger lax bro

0:26 Where every kid should be

Today’s debate: Who’s hotter; Soccer moms or Lacrosse moms? Discuss.

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