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The Scallywag Summer: Raise The Colors!

Ghost of the Union talks summer lax, gives us a recap of the Park City Shootout.

Yo (ho).

Much time has passed since my last entry.  This is mostly because I spend about 16 hours a day studying for the bar exam (which I take the day after I get back from Tahoe — more on that later) and I simply have had neither time nor energy to follow up on the covenants I made in the closing of the last post.  But seeing as how Tahoe is now days away, I figure that I’d better make time because Park City is about to become way way old news (if it isn’t already).

In light of my time crunch, I’ve consolidated the Scallywags’ Park City Ski Town Shootout adventure into the following montage:


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I feel this adequately discloses all that need be disclosed.  Which is to say:  we won that tournament (undefeated) and looked sweet doing it.

I mentioned last time that any victory is worth poppin’ bottles.  Well last year we popped bottles after getting no-showed at the championship game.  Needless to say, it was an occasion less momentous than we generally prefer.  That said, this year we made sure to get totally obnoxious.  CELEBRATION MONTAGE ACTIVATE!

Before our game against them, one of the guys on the Park City team requested the location of our flag and informed us that they were going to take it on a victory lap when they beat us.  Erroneous.

Overheard during the latter half of our 16-3 championship victory over Tribal West:  “I don’t mind losing but I hate that they like winning so much…”  Fact.

This brings us to my promised reviews of Park City Ski Town Shootout, Park City itself, and the state of Utah.

Tournament: This tournament is evidently sort of a big deal for the younglings.  The men’s division feels like an afterthought.  There’s no photography, the refs argue with the sideline during the games (yeah, bro, I really DO think that an offsides matters when there’s under a minute in a 1-goal game), there’s no merch booth on the men’s fields, and you kind of walk away feeling pretty neglected.  This all culminated when Rookie had to have his girlfriend run the table for the championship game because the ULA didn’t bother to send anyone.

On the other hand, the facilities are top notch, the place is gorgeous, and there’s plenty of lax to watch.  If  the organizers start taking it seriously, it could be the real deal.

But for now?  4/10

Park City: Nice place.  Our condo was a palace at a decent rate.  Weather A-OK.

Overall?  8/10

The State of Utah: Is filled with bad drivers and I find its denizens to be generally disagreeable.  It almost gets off the hook for being about on par with the rest of the world, but then when you go to buy beer and find that it has half the alcohol of normal beer, you just sort of feel like driving straight towards the nearest boarder and shoving someone’s Utah grandma into an empty bathtub along the way.

Overall? 2/10

The weekend after Park City, we rag tagged our way to a Boise Rec Fest victory by defeating the Baked Taters 14-5.  Having popped the cherry of the summer of 2010, it’s time to get serious.  Next up:  Tahoe.

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