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The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

LaxAllStars Spoon Feed

The big chill has hit New York and we know that lots of other people are bracing for the first wave of snow this winter.  Tired of the cold already? Well, snuggle up to a roaring fire, grab a glass of frosty nog, and curl up with your weekly re-cap of the best of The Spoon Feed. Already stressing about the gift giving and the awkward holiday conversations with relatives? Us to. We have some tips.

Time to get fed.

Honorable Mention

#1 Done your holiday shopping yet? No? Here’s a deal you cheapskate.

Elevation lacrosse is having  a sale.


#2 The Iowa Hawkeyes are HARD.
[fvplayer src=””]

5. I spend hours watching the History Channel and find this fascinating

this is no drill

Imagine the face of the guy who read this.


4. Tumbas was very sad this wasn’t for sale right now

You might get shot at by Dick Cheney but this sleeping bag does look warm.



3. They’re already in your neighborhood.

The ’85 Bears never saw this parody coming.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Sex Offender Shuffle”]

2. We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea


Some amazing pictures from extreme diver Norbert Wu’s journey into the Antarctic underworld

My new life goal is to become an extreme diver named Norbert.

1.  A little light reading

We all know the drill for the holiday.  Lots of standing around and yapping with your Aunt Patty about why you’re not a successful lawyer like your cousin or arguing with your brother about who’s year it is to drive Grandma home. But family isn’t everything because ’tis the season for a little time under the mistletoe toe with some nice young women, if you know what I mean.  Thankfully Gawker put out this informative list of female’s to run away from as you troll the bars in your classiest X-mas sweater. (via ZBG)

Just a few of the highlights:

2. Avoid dating a girl just because she is your favorite bartender. Where are you going to drink when you want to forget her?

23. Avoid any girl you meet in the bar where you and your friends are watching a game. She thinks she’s figured out guys. She hasn’t. She’ll (eff) everything up all the while thinking she’s very clever about men.

39. Avoid any girl who won’t kiss you if your breath smells like whiskey. She has oral-purity issues that are undesirable.

41. Avoid any girl who won’t wear a skirt in winter. The winter is too long as it is without having to do without legs. You’ll end up in the stairwell of a Christmas party making out with a girl in skirt.

spoon logoAnd this only the beginning. Check out the rest of The Spoon Feed and see what else you missed.

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