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The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

LaxAllStars Spoon Feed

Instead of a trite intro where I exploit this space to complain or make thought provoking insights into the human condition.  I’d like to get spiritual with you all.  Let’s bow our heads… ready? How are you still reading this then?

Anyway in honor of the Aint’s making the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras next week and @ConnorWilsonLAS living it up on Bourbon Street, I’d like to lead us all in a prayer:

Our Breesus, who art in Nawlins, hollowed be thy name. Thy bowl will come, it will be won, in Miami as it is in the Dome. Give us this Sunday, our weekly win and give us touchdown passes, but do not let others pass against us. Lead us not into frustration, but deliver us to the Super Bowl. For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC, and the glory of the Fleur De Lis, now and forever…Amen

Who Dat. Time to get fed.


Honorable Mention

#1 100 Things To Watch In 2010 | JWT

My old man emailed this to me for my “Friday thing you always post” and I know people who work at this agency. And by work I mean they stare at concept boards and play Call Of Duty while taking ironic pictures of each other.

#2 – Probably too good to be just an Honorable Mention

“This is the story of 8 Superfans, picked to live in a house in Miami the week before the Superbowl. Find out what happens when things stop being polite and start getting real.”

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”The Real Fans: Miami”]

5. Selleck + Waterfall + Sandwich

I have no idea what’s going on in this picture either.

It’s a whole website with pictures of the mustachioed one photoshopped at a waterfall with different assorted sandwiches. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself. I really have nothing else to add besides the fact that Jeff put this in the hopper and I couldn’t resist because I’ve been to this exact waterfall in Jamaica and it’s just as interesting as it looks.

Plus I like sandwiches.


4. Jamaican bobsled team fails to qualify for Vancouver Games

The list of nations who qualified and entered bobsled events at the Vancouver Games, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, failed to include Jamaica — which had spent the last few weeks hoping that a slot opened in the field.

Put on your rasta hats and pass the dutchie because it’s turning into that kind of Feed. No Jamaican’s in my favorite Winter Olympics event of all time? I haven’t been this disappointed since I learned that Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t really the coach of the Knicks. Who the hell is John Candy going to inspire to dream an impossible dream but endure some dramatic setbacks but ultimately learn important life lessons then miraculously overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in a heartwarming tale that will inspire millions? Explain me that, hotshot.

Either way I found my next pump up speech for 412’s upcoming game this weekend.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Cool Runnings- Pride”]


3. The Next Step Is A Mini Daddy Remix Featuring The Pants On The Ground Guy

JBru want’s to book this kid for our next LAS corporate retreat.
[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”MINI DADDY (ADRIANSITO) EL NIÑO MAS BONITO”]

2. Uncle Sam Must’ve Gone On The Juice

Team USA goaltender Ryan Miller’s mask unveiled for the Winter Olympics


1. Fin

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