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The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

The Spoon Feed is back after a two week absence. This week: Bieber, Miley, Hurley, the twins, urban golf, Tron 2, and a brewing LaxAllStars scandal sure to destroy your favorite lacrosse media empire. Time to get fed.

LaxAllStars Spoon Feed

Two weeks without getting your Feed on and I feel like a negligent parent.  The last time we saw each other in the Friday Spoon Feed the last thing I said was that I’m going out for a pack of smokes and I’d be right back. Two weeks later but I’m glad you didn’t call child protective services on me and I promise to never leave you to wander the internet alone ever again.

Truthfully last week’s edition was bumped for a very good reason. Jumbo Jack provided all of LaxNation with some primo coverage of the Face-Off Classic down in B-more and came away with some juicy behind the scenes stories that we’ll keep in the LAS vault until they do a Behind The Music-style documentary on the meteoric rise and shocking fall of the greatest lacrosse media empire ever.

If you were one of the 16 people who actually missed this poor excuse for VH1’s Tosh.0 then remember that we update the Network Spoon Feed site every day. Check it out so you can stay in the know and submit your own additions in the comments or by emailing

No advice or zombie battle plans this week in The Feed because I’ve been preoccupied with hush-hush internal LAS drama involving Peter Tumbas and his insane dream to start up Vampire Lacrosse Club.  He’s drank the Twilight / True Blood kool-aid and is hell bent on making his fang-toothed lacrosse vision a reality. He’s like George Costanza trying to combine his favorite things all into one.  I’m leading the charge to stop him.

That or we’re going to have an all out civil war when I start up Zombie LC and we fight in the streets. Stay tuned for updates.

Finally after two weeks…Time to get fed.


Honorable Mention

#1 Christina Hendricks Wows At Oscars Party (PHOTOS)

Yowza. Link not safe for people with weak heart conditions or anyone named Mitch McShane.


5. Obligatory Justin Bieber Reference


4. Who needs Tiger when we have these guys?

Urban Golf in India (Photos)

We associate golf with etiquette, men in polo shirts and neatly pressed trousers. A sport for those with plenty of time and some cash to spare, but a group of slum kids from India didn’t let that stop them playing the game. They don’t use the lush fairways or neatly clipped greens of a real golf club. Nor do they use real clubs or balls. Instead they use the roofs and alleys of the slums they live in as a course and melted iron bars and plastic balls to play with. They do, however, value tradition and play their game by the same rules as the real game of golf.


3. Tron 2: Electric Boogaloo

Quote after watching El Duderino crush every scene as a rough and tumble country singer in Crazy Heart: “I’d happily pay to watch Jeff Bridges watch paint dry.”


2. Miley finally solves the time traveling questions

It’s OK for me to like this because LOST is totally not girly at all and Hurly is the 2nd best character after Locke.  No homo.

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1. Where would lacrosse fit in?

spoon logoAnd this only the beginning. Check out the rest of The Spoon Feed and see what else you missed.

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