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The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

LaxAllStars Spoon Feed

This week on the Spoon Feed we’re looking for a cure of the madness.  March has arrived and it’s time to cherish the few weeks when water cooler talk turns from “What the hell is going on with LOST?” to “How in the world did Ohio beat Georgetown?”

March Madness is here and even though Debbie from Accounting is leading your office pool (despite picking based on team colors) we all can sit down and enjoy the best mainstream tournament known to man.

I hope you picked a lot of upsets this year because Cinderella is loving 2010.

Time to get fed.


Honorable Mention

#1. Stupid English People Will No Longer Get To Chase Rolling Cheese Down A Hill |
Pour one out for our homies in England. These videos are always YouTube Hall-Of- Famers.

[fvplayer src=””]


5. Highly-Touted Floor-Slapper Commits To Duke

Hubert Davis, a current college basketball analyst who played 12 years in the NBA and is a 1992 North Carolina graduate, says he agrees a dearth of floor-slappers is indeed Duke’s biggest problem.

“People laugh at it, but that’s the point,” said Davis. “You’re dribbling down the court, and all of a sudden, some toolbag starts slapping the floor in front of you. You start laughing at him. It gets you off your game. You almost feel bad for the pathetic little guy. And that gives them an advantage.”


4.Chat Roulette: Finally Good For Something Besides Random Male Nudity

[fvplayer src=”″]


3. Dunk O’ The Week

This HS player does his best Vince Carter impersonation. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into the same malcontent when he makes it to the league.
[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Trey Starks Dunk of the Year”]

2. I Fully Realize These Tips Would’ve Been More Helpful Last Week

March Madness Infographic


1. Fooled ‘Em Again

This Nic Cage video makes the number 1 spot for so many reasons.  But mainly because possibly my favorite running joke in college was watching a movie trailer featuring yet another unfortunate acting performance by the Cage-man and trying to figure out how this guy keeps getting movie gigs.

Our favorite scenario is imagining the reaction when Nic gets the million dollar offer for “National Treasure 4: The Hunt For George Washington’s Wooden Teeth” and thinks to himself “Fooled em again” as he saunters to the bank to buy another European castle and fleet of Italian sportscars. This guy’s IMDB page reads like a quadruple car pileup on the interstate.

Only in America.
[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”"Don’t" PSA”]

P.S. The Rock is one of my favorite movies of all time…and Carla was the prom queen.

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