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The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

LaxAllStars Spoon Feed

WELCOME TO THE SPOON FEED, which chronicles all of the good stuff we’ve stumbled across on the interwebz each week. This happens to be the 1st ever edition of The Spoon Feed, and you’re lucky because you get a taste before everyone else hears about this goodness. Yes, we’re boasting about our own content because, dammit, it is that good.

First up, let’s take a look at Striding Man’s personal favorite (for obvious reasons), a new ‘ad’ for Johnnie Walker that debuted earlier this week titled “The Man Who Walked Around The World.”

Next, JD’s Man Stories. Remember boys, always leave your phone on when in Europe…: Girlfriend Doesn’t Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation

This Denver Broncos fan has some mad pride. Believe it or not, those are Wheniwasakid‘s legs.

Speaking of the NFL, y’all love Chris Johnson right? Well, he’s got one helluva Twitter profile avatar. Ridiculous.

For your LOLZ of the day, check out MMA Classic Recreated in MS Paint.

Is this The Most Sensible Statement to Come Out of the Health Care Debate? @KyleMac sure thinks so.

Shameless plug!
Shameless plug!

Ever wondered what would happen if you used your iPhone headphones as rope to hold your muffler intact? Now you know it’ll work. The site where we found that image is entertaining and it’s helped us spruce up The LAS Villa quite a bit. Check out ‘There, I Fixed It‘ and learn a thing or two about being resourceful.

Is it true? We want info. Blue Sky drinks this stuff like he's paid to do it.
Is it true? We want info. Blue Sky drinks this stuff like he's paid to do it.

Yes, we know that Michael Phelps is talked about way too much as it is, nor is he a trusty member of Lax Nation, but check out this article. Pretty interesting stuff about fluid dynamics, the study of a the impact of objects as they move through fluids. Don’t scoff, we know it’s nerdy… Any you know what? So is this.

Don’t know about you guys but we find Chris Bosh a little odd. We were surprised when we got a glimpse of his workout tape.

Turn your back on the fans and this is what you get! - photo courtesy of the NY Times.

Finally, we got this photo from courtesy of @Inside_Lacrosse. Let’s have a little CAPTION CONTEST. Check it out and give us your best:

Where's the screw?!

Happy weekend! And don’t forget, the best damn show in the world returns this Sunday. Can ya dig?

Get your highball on.
Get your highball on.

Surprise attack. What the hell is this?!
What the hell is this