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The Start Of LSU Women’s Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: The LSU women’s club team has experienced an up and down history.  But this year, the Lady Tigers decided to get things going again in a serious way, and we’ll be following their progress all season long.  The LSU Women’s team will be keeping us updated via Erin Schwenzfeier, so we’ll let Erin take it from here!


The 2012 LSU Women’s Lacrosse Club!

We have come so far, in just seven months, when Kylee Rader, Mary Condo, and myself first contacted each other to get the club up and running again.  After a fall semester full of recruitment, preseason practices, meetings, and fundraising, the LSU Women’s Lacrosse 2012 season has begun!

We played out first two games on February 4th, in Norman, Oklahoma.  We won our first game against Texas Tech with a final score of 11-8.  Our second game against Oklahoma gave us our first loss with a final score of 7-14.  We learned a lot by playing in these two games both on and off the field.

This semester we are having practices Monday through Thursday, for two hours a day.  Of course in Louisiana this is all done with the old “weather permitting” caveat, and as spring approaches it is becoming increasingly hard to avoid the rain.  In practice we work on stick stills, endurance, 3 v 2, and scrimmage.  Thursday is usually our day that we all meet and go over plays as well as discuss what happened in practice that week, and what the upcoming weekend might bring.

Off the field we had a ten-hour drive with up to seven girls in a car.  We also had one car broken into. We worked through the hard time together and used it as motivation. During the ten-hour drive we were also able to grow as a team. By playing games such as “never have I ever” and telling stories we learned new things about each other’s pasts and what we wanted out of the season.  We all come from different backgrounds and states so learning about each other’s lives before LSU is very interesting.

On the field we were able to continue to learn each other’s playing styles. Before fall practices began, none of us had ever played on a team together, so our playing style has been very important.  One of the biggest things I know I need to personally work on is groundballs.

We are looking forward to a hard week of practice and our next to games in Houston, Texas this weekend.  We will be playing Rice and Texas A&M on February 11th.

We have come so far after getting this team back on its feet just seven months ago.  We have great talented girls on the team, who I believe will lead us to a successful season, even if we do not have a true coach. We have even already appeared in our school newspaper, The Daily Reveille!