Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament texas 361Lax
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THE Texas Showdown – Hotter N Hell Lacrosse Tournament

The Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament down in Texas, hosted by Team Viva Lacrosse, is one like no other.  Yes, there are lax tournaments throughout the entire US during the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall… But in certain ways, none will compare to this year’s Hotter N Hell Tourney!  Don’t believe me?  Let me convince you.

Reason #1 – Weather:  Texas is in Stage 2-3 drought conditions throughout the entire state right now.  100 degree weather has hit at least 30 days in a row, in EVERY major metro area.  The specter of rain has become a myth around these parts, it simply doesn’t exist, and there is no end in sight to this deathly hot, “hate to go outside” weather.  But being the dedicated laxers that we are, we’re braving Mother Nature’s worst anyway!

Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament texas 361Lax
It does look Hotter N Hell...

Reason #2 – GCLA vs SWLA Championship Showdown:  In Texas there are two Men’s Club Lacrosse Leagues; the Southwest Lacrosse Association (SWLA), and the Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association (GCLA).  This year at the Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament, the league champions from each organization will face off… and they’ll be doing so in the first round!!!

Not to take away from the other teams that are competing, but since the end of the last Club seasons I have been really pushing to make this game happen, and it just so happened to be the draw for both teams for the first round!  I love it when a plan comes together.  Thanks Murdock.

The 2011 GCLA champions are the 361LAX “Dirty Birds” from Corpus Christi, TX.  In our inaugural year, after merging the CCLAX (Corpus Christi Lax) and FBLAX Men’s Team (Flour Bluff Lax), we had a very successful season, ending with the 2011 GCLA Playoff Championship!  We didn’t come to this tourney without some help, and with off season acquisitions of players from both Houston and San Antonio, we are feeling good to go.  And just WAIT ’til you see the new shirts!

The 2011 SWLA champions are the Pabst Blue Ribbon Lacrosse team (PBR).  In my opinion they are one of the top programs in the state, with a couple years of dominance in both Club League play and Tourney play.  They played in last year’s Mardi Gras tourney in New Orleans against Connor.  Mike Brand was on that team!  PBR will also have some extra help with the addition of a player very familiar with the 361LAX Team; our starting attackman Andrew Smith!

So the stage is set, GCLA versus SWLA, Chewy versus JRich, Tom versus Jerry… You get my drift.  In four days, one champion will emerge as the BEST Men’s Club program in Texas!  Who it will be, nobody knows…

Coverage will be done via… Go Pro Helmet cams and Flip Vid!  Let’s Go!!!

Go PRo helmet cam lacrosse texas lax
Helmet cam and 100% Texas heat.

Peace, Love, and Laxiness,