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The Thailand Experiential

Leaving on a jet plane…

The only way to truly know something is to be it, or do it.  Well, we did our best to accomplish just that while in Thailand.  The video below only shows a very small portion of what we saw and did, but it should give you some idea as to what the overall experience was like.  We played a good deal of lacrosse, talked lax a lot too, but also saw Thailand, in what proved to be a very short week!

We didn’t see, do, try or taste all of it.  In fact, we barely even scratched the surface but we took deep breaths as much as we could and soaked in all that we were able.  It was an admirable effort.  It would have been easy to just sit back, stick to the hotels and tourist areas, and just be content, but I definitely feel like we all made a good effort to really get out there.  We each had a very different experience, and a highlight of mine might not have even happened to someone else.

Grow The Game invitational thailand
See it all if you can!

A perfect example of this is that on the last night, before my flight out (I was the last to leave by about 14 hours) at midnight, I went out to dinner with Payu to a restaraunt smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  The only other American in sight was actually one of the owners!  That was weird.  But it was real.  And the food and experience was amazing.  Something I’ll never forget.

Japan from the air
Japan from the air was cool. Next trip? Perhaps!

So if you get the chance to get outside of your comfort zone, and lax abroad, try to really experience the place you’re visiting.  Learn some of the language, and take away as much as you can.  You just might leave a changed person!