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lacrosse heads buyers guide 2021-22
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The Ultimate Lacrosse Heads Buyers Guide 2021-22

Lacrosse gear is constantly changing. However, the one piece of gear that seems to change and develop the fastest is heads, with their newest releases and versions dropping yearly if not more often. This can be hard to keep up with or stay in tune with what head will be best for your game. Lucky for you I’m here to break down several of the latest and hottest releases for your 2021-22 lacrosse heads buyers guide.

Lacrosse Heads Buyers Guide 2021-22

STX Hyper Power

STX has always made some of the best and most well-designed heads on the market. The Hyper Power is no exception from that trend with several key attributes to like.

Updated from the STX Ultra Power, the Hyper Power features a reinforced power ramp to increase a shooter’s speed and accuracy. Along with that impactful update, the Hyper Power also has quite a few well-placed sidewall holes to ensure that stringing this head is a dream.

Whatever your favorite feature may be in the new Hyper Power, I can assure you that this will be a quality head for you on the offensive end.

Warrior Burn XP-O or D

If you’ve been around the game the last several years, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve seen or used a Warrior Burn before. The good news is the Burn just got so much better.

The Warrior XP-O for offense or XP-D for defense brings a new specific head in the Burn line for the demands of each position. Both versions feature several updates to the Burn line, from a redesigned and reinforced throat to Sym-Flex added throughout the head for reinforcement when picking up ground balls and shooting.

Whether you’re a hard hitting defender or maybe a quick, shifty attackman, I suggest giving the new Burn XP heads a try!

ECD Mirage 2.0

ECD has done it again with another great release. This time it comes in the form of an updated Mirage head.

The Mirage 2.0 has been around now for a bit and has swept the lacrosse world by storm since its release. I’ve seen Mirage 2.0s being used in both field and box over the past several months with glowing reviews from their users. This head is truly a shooters dream, as they say in their marketing. If you haven’t checked one of these beauties out yet, I would very much suggest you do!

Maverik Tank 2

This new version of the Tank from Maverik brings one big thing to the table: strength.

I recently got my hands on one of these heads, and let’s just say that from an offensive perspective, I was scared to be on a field with one of these things. Just by looking at the sidewall structure of this head, you can get an idea of how reinforced it is with strength and durability. Along with the desirable durability, the Tank 2 has a face shape that you can’t not like. I have no doubt this will be a defensive monster for years to come.

True Temper HZRDUS

The True Temper HZRDUS brings a lot to love to the table, from its familiar face shape to a massive number of sidewall holes and stringing options. Along with these key features, the head weighs in at just 4.9 ounces even with its beefed up throat to guarantee strength.

I’ve been using this head now for several months and can promise that like many other heads on this list, you just simply can’t go wrong with it. If you’re an attackman or midfielder looking to become even more of an offensive threat, I highly encourage giving this one a try.

Nike L3

The Nike L3 is the newest addition in the well-known Nike Lakota line. From its sharp design to tighter face shape, this head brings several major desirable updates that will make your game that much better. The L3 also features the exclusive PowerForm for ideal stiffness and increased durability in key areas.

This head is sure to be a major weapon for any midfielder out there looking to score or defend on the opposite side. The Lakota has been trusted for years, and this latest addition is no different. A solid choice all around!

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