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They Can Take Our Lives, But They’ll Never Take Our Wikipedia

The internet is trying to tell you something today, January 18th, about two bills in Congress (SOPA and PIPA).

Check out Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, or a wide range of sites that are participating in a protest in response to concerns over the future of the open web.

LaxAllStars is a byproduct of the internet age, along with the idea that a core pillar of the web is open expression and sharing of information and ideas. In our opinion, if these bills were to pass it would put future like-minded entrepreneurs in jeopardy.

But hey that’s just like, our opinion, man.

Take a minute today to get informed on the issues and make up your own mind. Al Gore invented this series of tubes a while back that could be helpful if you’re looking for a way to easily access information.

Suggested reading:

Google’s blackout  & an overview of their stance on the issue

Wikipedia blackout

Legal Analysis of PIPA

Yesterday, 110 law professors and 22 major websites including Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, and Ebay signed a letter expressing their concerns.

…And if none of that seems interesting, check out The Oatmeal’s entertaining Oprah on a jet ski with Jesus GIF explaining SOPA