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Third Annual CityLax Southampton Shootout Preview: A Charity Lacrosse Tournament

For the past two Summers, I’ve made my way out to the CityLax Summer Shootout Charity Lacrosse Tournament where I have played for the Southampton LC.  This Summer, I decided to step my involvement up and organize a team for the tourney, and we’ve decided to go in a very forward-thinking direction with our team.  Instead of recruiting only the best, and most well-known players, or trying to put together some sort of alumni team (as many other squads do), I decided to make a team that will someday morph into a NYC Public School Alumni team.

We teamed up with Warhawk Lacrosse,and their co-founder, Joe Barile (Hofstra/MLL), for our uniforms, and have recruited a team of players with a really diverse set of backgrounds.  The core of the team will be made up Joe, myself, 5-6 NYC Public School graduates, 5-6 additional Wesleyan graduates, and some of their friends.  We’ve got players from Bentley, Amherst, CW Post, Drexel, Hofstra and a few other schools on the roster as well.  It’s a well-rounded bunch, and a great group of guys to plax lax with.  And the Art Of Lax is one of our Goalies!

Citylax LaxAllStars Warhawk lacrosse uniforms lax
LAS and Warhawk... Killing it!

The tournament is a one-day affair that will take place on August 20th at Southampton HS, in Southampton, which is out on the East End of Long Island.  Southampton HS has a turf field and a number of grass fields, and their support of the Charity tournament is so important to the continued success of the event. They are super hands-on and helpful and as a volunteer with CityLax, I’d like to personally thank them for all they have done.

Citylax LaxAllStars Warhawk lacrosse uniforms lax
Yes, the numbers are also quite special!

The tourney features players from big-time schools and smaller schools alike and most of the teams organize into alumni squads, although some club teams do make the trip out to play as well.  Princeton, Harvard, Tufts, Wesleyan, Amherst, Syracuse, Ohio State, Williams and St. John’s usually see heavy representation, and a lot of players come out from NYC to make a weekend of the event.

Below, we have a full press release from CityLax on the event and some photos from last year’s Shootout.  The vendors will be back, the players will be back and hopefully, it will be another huge success in raising money for this extremely worthy charity.  Lax in NYC is a reality now thanks to CityLax (and many others), so let’s make sure it stays that way and only gets better!

Citylax Southampton Shootout Charity Lacrosse Tournament
Some 2010 action...

New York, NY, August 11, 2011The Third Annual CityLax Summer Shootout Charity Lacrosse Tournament will be hosted on August 20th from 11am to 6pm at Southampton High School in Southampton, N.Y. The co-ed tournament will feature collegiate and post collegiate players from all over the United States. Alums from University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Syracuse and many other schools are expected to be in attendance. All the
proceeds from the tournament will be donated to CityLax, a not for profit organization dedicated to growing lacrosse in NYC’s public schools.

Citylax Southampton Shootout Charity Lacrosse Tournament
W&L vs. Virginia match up from 2010.

CityLax Co-Founder Mat Levine says of the tournament, “I have been involved with lacrosse as a player, coach, and organizer since 1963. As one of CityLax’s founders and CEO/President, to see 16 teams gather to play on August 20 our event at the Southampton HS fields in the spirit of serious, yet friendly competition supporting CityLax’s mission is truly heartfelt and appreciated. Yet, I am not surprised by this effort. Programs like ours with the PSAL prove that the sport of lacrosse can grow and prosper in an urban setting, paralleling what is going on in the suburbs. Yet the sport still retains its special sense of community and sheer fun to play.

Our CityLax Summer Shootout tournament/fundraiser is a shining example of how the “lacrosse community membership” can help a cause like CityLax to advance and diversify the game beyond its traditional boundaries.”

The CityLax Summer Shootout will feature both a men’s and women’s division. Each team is Guaranteed 3 Games, and following the contests there will be a tournament sponsored beach celebration for all attendees and their guests. Sponsors for the tournament include NYC based lacrosse retailer Maverik Lacrosse, NYC based sports apparel company Streaker Sports and Maryland based electrolyte replenishment drink Motive Pure. Individual registration is still open to interested parties; information can be found on CityLax’s website:

CityLax is a 501c3 based in NYC that’s dedicated to growing lacrosse in NYC’s public schools. Since 2005 CityLax has has assisted the NYC Department of Education’s Public School Athletic League (PSAL) in growing its lacrosse program from a nascent 6-team structure to a 30-team league. The organization, in partnership with the PSAL for its student/athletes, featuring fully staffed clinics in all five boroughs, equipment procurement and distribution, school team start-ups, coaching assistance, and college placement services.

For more information about the CityLax Summer Shootout Lacrosse Tournament, please visit CityLax’s website.

Citylax Southampton Shootout Charity Lacrosse Tournament
The woodie will make an appearance.