cascade M11 hockey helmet box lacrosse
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UPDATED: Thirsty Thursday Lacrosse Drop

It’s been a while since my last Lacrosse Drop.  We’ve been getting inundated with all kinds of awesome content from interviews with Mike Brand, to new glove designs, to sweet gear, and more.  Well now it’s time to show off the best lacrosse photos, lacrosse links and lacrosse videos out there.  Sit back, crack open a can and enjoy the Lacrosse Drop.  Wu-Tang is for the children.

Beautiful Cascade Sports Box Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade makes the best lacrosse helmets on the planet right now.  And under their Cascade Sports brand, they are now producing hockey helmets as well using seven technology padding.  They came out with the M11 recently, by teaming up with Edmonton Oiler and NY Ranger legend, Marc Messier, and the helmet looks unbelievable.

I am beyond excited to try this lid out and if it feels anything like a CPro7, I will be converting to it quickly.  If I were a hockey player, I wouldn’t be able to wait until they released a puck lid as sweet as a lacrosse lid.  Well, hockey players around the world rejoice, Cascade may have just pulled that off!

cascade M11 hockey helmet box lacrosse
front view. The vent covers can be different colors!
cascade M11 hockey helmet box lacrosse
side view. These. Look. Great.


Baltimore Indoor Lacrosse League Championships

The BILL is widely regarded as the best amateur (thanks FLax!) American box league around.  A ton of NLL players and NLL hopefuls suit up to play as the season ends just before the NLL season starts.  It’s a great warm up and there are always a bunch of really good teams, with really cool jerseys and a LOT of skill taking part.  Highlights via E-Lacrosse.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Baltimore Indoor Lacrosse league 2010 Championship”]


International Chrome Dome

The US isn’t the only place you can get a chrome lacrosse helmet!  This pic was sent in from Thailand.  The vast majority of lacrosse gear is manufactured in Asia so its going to be interesting to see if teams like Hong Kong and China can take advantage of all the gear being produced in their back yards.  Would love to see the Asian influence on lacrosse trends!

lacrosse helmet chrome thailand
The whole thing is chrome. Pretty legit.


British Columbia Sports Hall Of Fame Induction – Old Man Lax!

I love box lacrosse.  I love box lacrosse in Canada.  The New Westminster Salmonbellies are a long-standing club up North and one of their greats, Paul Parnell, was recently inducted in the BC HOF.  Pretty cool!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Paul Parnell 2009 Inductee, BC Sports Hall of Fame”]


Recruiting Video

Scary that from a 2:20 second video I can say (with some certainty) that this kid is destined for top 40 (but not top 10) D3 or top 30 MCLA lacrosse.  Good speed, decent stick, can throw some checks and seems to have a good sense of the game and where to be.  Lacking any size whatsoever and while he throws some checks, he doesn’t exactly throw wood out there.  I like his ability to dodge with a pole and push transition though.  I’d probably move him to full time LSM.  He should go to Indiana and play for Tumbas!

Lacrosse from TBL Twilight Productions on Vimeo.


Feeling Patriotic? Put Some Shorts On.

LacrosseWear has shorts for Israel, Jamaica, Ireland, and the US alongside their baggataway shorts and other special creations.  The US shorts might just be the best of the bunch.  Pretty simple and clean but the patch is just classic.  Throwback-itis!

USA lacrosse shorts Lacrossewear
Sweet shorts, Florida Lax Bros!


Reader Submissions – Box Helmets!

Thanks to my man Johnny B for sending over this sweet box lid.  He needs to send me some of those stickers ASAP!

box lacrosse helmet bigfoot lacrosse
Sweet box action. Bred to be red.


Hibert College Informational Video

I had never heard of Hilbert College before even though I fancy myself to be some sort of D3 lax genius.  Evidently they have D3 lax.  Nice.  This is a good video to help spread the word but it could use a little more actual video action.  Or maybe some custom gloves.  Or at least they could tell me what state they are located in.  That kind of stuff is important when you’re trying to sell a BRAND NEW program.  So that’s why I had no idea who they were.  Head Coach Rick Schunke will have to do a lot to make this Western Central NY college competitive.  Tough region to break in to!  Reach out to us, Rick and let us help you get on the map!

[fvplayer src=”″]


NCAA Division 1 Expansion

Marquette is adding a D1 lax team.  At this point, I’m sure you already knew that because of 412 and Inside Lacrosse. 412 went on to drop helmet, glove and uniform designs almost immediately and he proves even if you do it in 5 minutes, it’s tough to go wrong with blue, white and yellow.

Having Dave Cottle on board as an advisor/assistant coach will help this team gain a solid foothold early on.  You simply can’t overvalue experience when starting a brand new team, especially one at the D1 level, where everything requires a lot of oversight and institutional knowledge.  Hopefully he’ll stick around long enough to impart some of that wisdom on the eventual long-term head coach.

Marquette is sort of a big time D1 school, Dwayne Wade went there and is probably their most recognized athletic grad in recent years.  But then again, Tommy Boy also went there and graduated in only 7 years.  Actually, this sounds like a great school for a lax team.  Serious about athletics, serious about many off the field activities.  Good mix.  Good lax.  You can see the Marquette Lacrosse reaction from the Inside Lacrosse Staff here.


LAS Sticker Sighting

When you get an LAS sticker, you put it on something awesome.  Kind of like this…

lacrosse bike laxallstars
Great sticker. Even better bike actually.


Division 2 Long Island Gloves

We’ve got possible gloves for Adelphi and NY Tech, two NCAA Division 2 powerhouse teams out on Long Island.  These STX K18 gloves look sick and I hope to see them both on the field this year in action (the teams, not the gloves although that too, I guess).  NY Tech used to be Navy, yellow and white in the days of Tom Zummo and Coach Jack Kaley but recently they’ve been going with Navy, Carolina and white.  Not too bad either!

Adelphi STX Lacrosse Gloves
NY Tech STX Lacrosse gloves
NY Tech