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This Thompson Video Only Has 771 Views?

I’m not going to lie, I am VERY excited for tonight’s Albany vs. Johns Hopkins game on ESPNU (7pm ET). In my rabid fandom I searched for videos of the Thompsons, and while I came across a number of well known classics, I also found a hidden gem that has somehow slipped through the cracks.

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo (stock photo of Lafayette HS lacrosse)

How does this video of Lyle Thompson (playing for Lafayette HS) only have 771 views? It just doesn’t seem possible that more people haven’t seen this:

It starts off slow, but after a face off loss, and some defense, the pace starts to pick up. At the :40 second mark you begin to suspect something special is going to happen, but 20 seconds later nothing that great has really happened. At the 1:05 mark your world gets shattered and you begin to question why you’re even playing lacrosse. That was just dirty.

I fully expect this video to reach 10,000+ views soon. You have to wait for it, but when you get there, it’s magic!

Let’s not leave Ty Thompson out of things either. 21,000+ views already on this one. Well deserved:

And no one will ever forget this epic Thompsons video (it’s the first one). It’s still one of my all-time favorites!