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Thompson Target: Shooter Tutor How To

What is a Thompson Target? You’re about to find out!

By now, you have either seen the Thompsons’ back yard set up, or you live under a rock. Assuming you don’t actually live under a rock, you know that the Thompson family grew up playing a lot of backyard lacrosse, and you know that Jerome Thompson, the patriarch of the family, put a plywood board in front of their goal to promote accurate shooting. But this isn’t just ANY plywood board, this board has a HOLE in it, and that makes it a Thompson Target.

I’m coining that phrase now, but it’s a keeper, and will be used from here on out.

It’s easy to build, extremely effective, and has a number of great uses… in fact, we haven’t even scraped the surface on how this training tool could be used in different applications for lacrosse. So instead of making a product, and then selling it, we’re just showing you how to make one at home for less than $20. Grow the Game, right?!?!

Thompson Target – Make One!

NOTE: Kids, make sure you get your parents’ permission first! And everyone be very careful! LAS assumes no responsibility for you harming yourself. These are simply guidelines, and Connor is a trained professional!

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Getting the ball to go through the hole is NOT easy. I started out about 10 yards away from the target and struggled early on. I moved closer, and started to see more success again. After a while, I moved back to my original 10 yards, and actually hit a couple, and all my shots were tighter around the small hole on the Thompson Target. Over the course of 10-15 minutes, I definitely got a little better.

Now imagine if you did this for hours on end, day after day. Imagine how that hole would no longer look “small” and would begin to look normal. Then imagine playing with that same mentality on a six by six cage. Could the task of scoring possibly get a little easier? I certainly think so!

From passing to shooting, the Thompson Target has incredible potential. It forces you to aim small, and miss rarely, and it provides a challenge for any level of play. Beginners can make the hole much bigger, maybe approaching a foot wide to start. Then, in one or two inch increments, the players can cut new boards, with smaller holes, until they’re peppering shots through a three inch wide circle. Practice makes perfect, and this practice requires you to become perfect. Sounds good to me!