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Thread Count: Boise Summer League

These may very well be the most creative summer league jerseys of 2010. Consider the design below and such team names as…

– Super Mario Frogs

– Heathen Kings of Old

– Smooth Criminals

– Flamingos!

– Danza, Tony Danza

And my biased favorite even though I kinda hate sci-fi…

– The Goal’ums

Don’t be fooled either, these shooters are far from cotton. Pure quality moisture-wicking material.

Well done Boise, Idaho. Well done.


Sidenote: For some reason when ever I think of summer league I think of Camp Annawanna…

Where is Heidi Lucas these days?

Editor’s note: Think your local summer league has some interesting team names / jerseys? Drop us a line and show the world.

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