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Adelphi Photo credit: Larry Palumbo 10 30 2013
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Throwback Thursday: 1980s Adelphi Lacrosse

Gordon Purdie is the Head Coach at NCAA D2 Adelphi, and a YouTube user with the same name uploaded a great video featuring Adelphi Lacrosse from the 1980s. We can only assume it’s the same guy! Either way, the video is awesome, and well worth a watch or two.

Adelphi has been around (in a lacrosse sense) since 1948, and was a part of Division 2 from 1968 through 1981, before rejoining D2 permanently in 1993. The program’s overall record (as of last year) stands at an impressive 457-323-5 over a 65 year period. They have a strong Australia connection, and have for decades. Purdie is an Aussie, and other legends from down under (Schomburg, Green, Delfs, etc) have made big impacts for Adelphi.

More than 60 players have been named All American at Adelphi since 1953, and they have brought a total of 160 AA plaques back to Long Island. In 1981, Adelphi placed SIX members of their team on the first team. Adelphi has had the Player of the Year come from their program seven times. Adelphi has gone to 16 D2 tourneys, and 4 D1 tourneys. They have seven national titles to their credit, and 11 title game appearances. They have 24 former players in the Hall of Fame. Plus Joe Vitale went there!

If you don’t know Adelphi, get to know Adelphi. The Panthers are the real deal. Always have been!