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Throwback Thursday: Neal Powless – Past, Present, Future

Throwback Thursdays roll on and this week we’re showing off some Old School Neal Powless lacrosse action, plus a glimpse into the future!

Welcome to the new and improved world of Old School, now called Throwback Thursdays! The internet spoke, renamed Old School to Throwback, and we listened. Two weeks ago we featured an epic spread on Chazz Woodson, and last week the crew from Trilogy Lacrosse answered with vigor!

Now Neal Powless joins the fray, and he might have just set the bar that much higher! It’s past, present, and future time with the Powless clan! We’ll start with the oldest stuff, and work our way forward in time…

Age 2… playing goalie in front of the house at Onondaga Reservation.

Age 4… First game, Onondaga VS Newtown (Cattaraugus)

Age 17… First World Competition 1992– U19 (Hofstra U.) Iroquois Nationals vs. Japan

Age 18… First Sr.B – Men’s Box lacrosse game – 1993

Age 28… Indoor World Championships – 2003 – Silver Medalist – Iroquois Nationals vs. Scotland


Today… Playing for the Syracuse Stingers

The Future!

Son – Max Powless – age 2ys (Blue helmet on)

Son – Gus Powless – age 3ys  (Red Jersey – Onondaga Redhawks) first practice!

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