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Throwback Thursday: Oldest NCAA D1 Backbreaker

As far as we know, this is photographic proof of the oldest attempted backbreaker in all of college lacrosse. UNC’s Brendan Carey tries the move against Virginia (in the ACC FINALS no less) and just narrowly misses the goal. This was Carey’s senior year, in 1996. Who tries a move like this? Brendan Carey! Welcome to a truly excellent Throwback Thursday!

brendan carey unc lacrosse backbreaker

The UVA attack was absolutely loaded with talent in 1996. Doug Knight, Michael Watson, and Tim Whitely were all studs, and none of them could believe that Carey had actually tried this shot in a game, especially one which was that close. UNC ended up the winning the game 13-11, and I believe the score was tied (or UNC was up by 1) when this attempt was made.

Carey regularly tried this move in practice, and often got yelled at for doing so by Coach Dave Klarmann. When the ball caromed off the pipe to Carey, the move just happened though. He didn’t even think about it. His only regret is that it didn’t go in! Both Carey and teammate Jason Sanders swear that it was only an inch or two away from being a goal.

The fancy stuff didn’t start with the Thompsons, although they have taken things to a whole new level of consistency and flair… remember the greats! Brendan Carey is one of them! Thanks to Brendan for talking to us quickly about this Throwback Thursday memory. It’s a good one!