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Throwback Thursday: The Legend of Jimmy Butler

When you get into the nitty gritty of lacrosse, you begin to hear a couple of names thrown around with absolute reverence, and one of those legendary figures has to the the one and only Jimmy Butler. I first heard about Butler when I was just a wee one of 19 years, as the guys I played with in the Brine Elite League in Concord, MA (like Billy Daye, Fuzzy Bear Geoff, Flanny, and many others) were well acquainted with the man.

It was a couple of years before I heard the name again, and the next time I did hear it, it came from Max Seibald’s mouth, as Jimmy had strung up a bunch of sticks for Max to give away at one of his camps. I tried one out, saw how perfect it was, and became a Butler believer myself.

To give YOU a better idea on who Jimmy Butler (the man, the myth, the legend) is, I asked two of my most trusted lacrosse resources, Randy Fraser and Ryan Powell, to drop some knowledge on me.

Jimmy (left) and Ryan (right) are tight.
Jimmy (left) and Ryan (right) are tight.

Ryan Powell (check out the Powell’s Throwback Thursday as well) had this to say:

I have had the pleasure to get to know JB during my two Team USA experiences in 2006 & 2010. He is the BEST equipment manager in the game- hands down. He is extremely passionate about lacrosse and although didn’t ever step on the field; he played a major role in our World Championship title in 2010. JB has the respect of every player that has played for a team that he has been apart of. He is a good friend and an awesome person!

Randy Fraser (who also has his own Throwback Thursday) added on a full chapter, all about Jimmy Butler:

There are so many legendary equipment managers in our great sport. I have had the pleasure of playing and/or coaching with some of the best including  Mike Fox, Johnny Craig, Peter Kohn, and Jimmy Butler. For me Jimmy Butler is the creme de la creme of them all. Not only could Jimmy provide the best of support to his teams, he does so in a gracious unselfish way. Jimmy did things for me growing up that helped me become the best player I could possible become and gave me opportunities to hone my skills vs the best players on Long Island.

He hooked me up with lacrosse gear, strung my sticks, got me sweet cleats, and maybe most importantly introduced me to top level lacrosse and taught me the ins and outs of the lacrosse world. I’m thankful to have people like Jimmy in my life, along with so many other great friends in lacrosse. It’s great to see Jimmy have great success at the highest levels with Team USA and the pro leagues.

As far as his stick stringing abilities, Jimmy is simply a legend. He can do it all. He is responsible for the custom stringing programs we see today at the big lacrosse retailers. Jimmy ran Lacrosse Unlimited in Manhasset, NY for many years and developed the entire program of custom stinging. Innovations with mesh and different types of mesh and features like the high pocket, low pocket, 1 nylon 2 hockey lace, the “U” and the “V”, and not to be forgotten sick traditionals… all Jimmy Butler. He greatly influenced the sport and the pockets we use today. Cheers JIMMY !!

We are hoping to connect with Jimmy Butler soon so we can get more from the source! Until then, respect the name!