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Throwback Thursday: Thompsons In High School

Hopefully you’ve seen this ridiculous goal from 2009 by Lyle Thompson, back when he was in high school. It’s straight up crazy! And if you were thirsting for more, we’ve got you covered!

Check out the 2009 New York State Class C Championship video below and watch Lyle’s 23-0 Lafayette Lancers take on the 19-1 (and #3 seed) Manhasset Indians. Manhasset wins the game 16-11, and the Thompsons weren’t the only greats playing in this one!

Connor English was the main man for Manhasset, and John Greeley was actually the top name for Lafayette back then, which is weird looking back on it now. Not that Greeley wasn’t great, because he was (and is)… it’s just that the Thompsons are everywhere right now, and they were tearing it up back then too. Jack Meyer was in cage for Manhasset and Chris Klaiber was in net for Lafayette.

This was a 2005 Championship game rematch and Paul Carcaterra was looking spry in a polo shirt! Jimmy Cavallo joins Carc on the call. Lyle was taking, and winning, the face offs. Miles was down low and scored his hundredth goal of the season in this game, wearing #22.

We’re loving this Old School high school action. It’s too sweet!