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Throwback Thursday Trilogy: Belisle, Boyle, Lindekens

Welcome to the new and improved world of Old School, now called Throwback Thursdays! The internet spoke, renamed Old School to Throwback, and we listened. Last week we featured an epic spread on Chazz Woodson, and this week the crew from Trilogy Lacrosse has answered, and done so with vigor!

We’ve got plenty of Old School photos, and they include action shots, candids, and team pics from Ryan Boyle, Mitch Belisle, and Forrest Lindekens! Diversity, thy name is Trilogy!

Ryan Boyle

Back in the good old days, Boyle was playing at the Gilman School in Maryland… sometimes against West Genny:

You can tell it’s West Genny just by the socks.

And sometimes against St. Mary’s. Ouch:

Boom goes the dynamite.

But always reaping Gilman:

Traditional, t-shirts and amazing mop tops. That’s what Maryland does.

Forrest Lindekens

Forrest currently reigns supreme as the funniest man in the Trilogy office, and one of my favorite people. He won a head to head shooting vs goalie bet with Mitch Belisle, and if Salisbury goes further than Stevenson, he’s going to win a bet against me. He surfs and skis in the winter, and is always good for a report on back country conditions in VT. Back in HS, he played some serious lax:

Love those super simple, but awesome, jerseys.

We got this note from Forrest as well: the gentleman 3 to the right of our Coach, Eric Jones (#40, played at Northeastern), passed away while flying a blackhawk in Afghanistan. He is a great American and will always be remembered.

Indeed, Forrest.

Mitch Belisle

Finally we get to Mitch, and while we only have one photo of Mitch playing for Bourne HS, down on Cape Cod, it is an absolute treasure trove of fun and old school flavor. Behold:

Traditional? Check. Eye shield? Check. Porthole mesh jerseys? Check. STX Catalyst gloves (how great were those?)? Check. Warm up pants? Check. Teammate in board shorts? Check. Sneakers on grass? Check.

Honestly, I can’t even begin to describe how much this photo brings me back to my own playing days in the Massachusetts HS lacrosse world.

For more fun and awesomeness from these guys, check out Trilogy Lacrosse on Facebook!