Throwback Thursday: USA – Canada 1990 Video


The lacrosse world championships traveled down under to Perth, Australia, in 1990 but playing in the Southern Hemisphere didn’t do much to change the pecking order for national teams. Canada and the US obviously matched up for a great game and the video picks up the play with the US up 5-2 early in the second quarter.

Things to watch for:

– Canadians in hockey helmets. Lots of them.

– Spandex is almost always 4-6 inches longer than the shorts. Fact.

– The announcer is Australian, and he has a fantastic accent.

– The game was played in heavy rain. Deluge style. And then sun. It’s Australia!

– The ball boys on the end lines are very casual, and don’t wear helmets.

– John Tucker, Petro, Norm Engelke, Vinny Sombrotto, Mark Ford, Matt Crowley, Mike Morrow, Randy Natoli, Tim Goldstein, and many others made up the USA team.

– Canada was led by Billy and Tom Marachek, and the Gaits (playing midfield!).


  1. I was at that game. The special comments are from Brian Griffin, whose son Scott played in the Aussie team. The mud on the far wing was from the Aussie Rules game played the night before. Good times.

    Agreed, those Aussies know how to lax. But we all know who runs the show! USA!!!