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Throwback Thursday: USA Vs Canada 2010

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! In honor of the FIL World Championships kicking off on July 10th in Denver, CO we dug up a little video from the 2010 World Championships in Manchester, England, featuring the USA and Canada. Both teams read like a who’s who of lacrosse, and the goals scored were insane. There’s just no other way to score on defenses and goalies that good!

Enjoy the videos, and get ready for an amazing July!

The biggest question for 2014 is not whether Canada or the US will win it all. That is surely a big question, but we know both of those squads are stacked. The BIGGEST question is, can the Iroquois make the jump and force one of these teams into the third place game? There is plenty of talent for the Nationals this time around, and if there was a year where it could happen, 2014 has promise!

With the Iroquois’ record-breaking U19 success in 2012, it should only be a matter of time.