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Throwback Thursday: Chazz Woodson

Welcome to the new and improved world Old School, now called Throwback Thursdays! The internet spoke, renamed Old School to Throwback, and we listened. To kick things off all over again, we have got some AMAZING old photos of the one and only Chazz Woodson to share!

See Chazz take a face off (weird, right?), use traditional, check out his dive shot back in HS, and learn how Chazz got put on probationwait, what?!?!?!

Chazz Woodson as a Junior, at Norfolk Academy.
Taking face offs as a Senior at Blue Ridge.
More of Chazz at Blue Ridge…
There’s that dive shot we were talking about!
Perfect form AND he used traditional? We love Chazz more and more.
Norfolk Academy vs. STAB. Classic VA lacrosse right there.

Ok, so can we get to the probation part already? I’m sure you’re curious, especially since Chazz is such a great guy! The probation we’re talking about is of the academic variety, and it was laid down by Chazz’s parents, back when he just a little kid.

I’ve met Ed Woodson, Chazz’s father, and Coach Woody is a NESCAC graduate (Middlebury) who is serious about academics… so serious that Chazz wasn’t allowed to be in the team photo one year for letting his grades slip:

No grades? No photo. Very simple.

The probation clearly worked, and Chazz ended up at Brown University, and still loves his parents. Let that be a lesson to all the parents out there: give your kids discipline and make grades a priority. If you do, we might feature them in a Throwback Thursday post 10 or 20 years from now!

Thanks to Chazz for sending over such a plethora of amazing shots from back in the day!