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MILL 1994 New York Saints vs Philadelphia Wings

#ThrowbackThursday: Philadelphia Wings vs. New York Saints 1994

Before there was the NLL, there was the MILL! Back in 1994 the New York Saints blew out the Philadelphia Wings and we’ve got the ESPN 2 broadcast!

Before there was the NLL, there was the MILL! Need a little background on the league? Check out these killer #ThrowbackThursday posts from MILL past!

This time around we’re breaking out a little gem from 1994, the year Weezer’s Blue Album came out, Kurt Cobain left us, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa, Pulp Fiction hit theaters and Friends flooded American television sets. Yes, 1994 was one of the most glorious periods of American pop-culture history.

1994 also gave us this:

It’s the New York Saints taking on the Philadelphia Wings. We hope it’s not too soon to rollout some classic Philly footage! Maybe it’s a great history lesson for our friends in Connecticut.

Did you also notice that this game was broadcast on EPSN 2?! What happened ESPN?!?!

Listen for names like Pat McCabe, Tom Marechek, Sal LoCascio and so many other lacrosse legends! This is also back when short sleeve box jerseys reigned supreme, refs wore helmets and short shorts, sideline reporters wore your grandmother’s vests and goalies were half the size!

Note: I really need to get one of those old school Cooper buckets!

Got some great Throwback material that you would like to see make its way to Drop us a note, or link, in the comments section below!

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