BYU Utah College Lacrosse 2011
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Thursday Lacrosse Drop: Buchanan, CNU, Photos, Video, Lax Art

For a while, the Lacrosse Drop was everywhere on LAS.  We couldn’t go two days without unleashing one.  But since we’ve had some much great content lately, it got hard to fit them in but have no fear, the Lacrosse Drop is back!

Filled with quick hitters you might otherwise miss, the Lacrosse Drop gets you in the know for all things lax…

Kevin Buchanan Signs With Brine

Kevin Buchanan is known for his strong dodges and his absolute rip of a shot.  The former Calvert Hall (MD HS) and Ohio State product is now a Boston Cannons (MLL) and Boston Blazers (NLL) star, and he has recently signed with Brine.  Usually, player endorsement announcements aren’t a huge deal, but because Chazz Woodson, Leveille and Mike Powell are no longer big names in the MLL (only because they aren’t playing), this move really means something.  Buchanan could now be THE guy that Brine puts their efforts behind and after the last couple of seasons he’s had, KB deserves it.

Kevin Buchanan OSU Lacrosse
Kevin Buchanan playing for OSU Lacrosse


Adrenaline Rasta Sock Inspired Dye Job

Reader Alex Carpenter sent over a photo of a sweet home dye and traditional string job.  Alex wrote, “I got inspired when I saw those grey and rasta adrenaline socks that I pulled out my old STX fuse and did a custom dye and traditional pocket on it. Pocket needs a little tuning but this is what it looked like right when I completed. Now all I need to know is where can I get those socks?!?!”

So, what say you LAS Nation?  Does Alex deserve a pair of socks for his efforts?

Rasta lacrosse dye traditional stringing lax
Alex's offering. We tedn to like the black tradish quite a bit!


Art By Arlene

We got an email from Arlene Higginson and she does art.  Good art.  And she even does lacrosse art!  Want to live on in infamy?  Get a painting of yourself playing lax, sneak into the MOMA at night, and hang it there.

Lacrosse Art by Arlene
Lacrosse Art by Arlene Higginson!


Christopher Newport Lacrosse Video

CNU is an independent NCAA Division 3 school in Virginia, and as of Cinco de Mayo, they are 7-8, having just finished up their season with a 12-11 win over Greensboro.  The Captains (cool mascot) put together this little video on what it means to them to play lax at CNU, and even though this team isn’t a national championship contender, the video is definitely worth watching.  This is one way smaller name teams can make themselves known!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Respect”]


BYU – Utah MCLA Lacrosse Photos

Victoria Harris took in the recent BYU – Utah game and sent over some photos.  Obviously, we’re putting them up.  You can get Victoria to work your games too, just go to All American Shots and reach out!

BYU Utah College Lacrosse 2011
Red vs. Blue.
BYU Utah College Lacrosse 2011
A little gb action.
BYU Utah College Lacrosse 2011
That's like a poster!
BYU Utah College Lacrosse 2011
Fans PACKING the sideline.
BYU Utah College Lacrosse 2011
another gem!