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Thursday Lacrosse Video Explosion: K18, Michigan, Tusculum

It’s another wonderful Lacrosse Video Explosion. Wondering K18 ever opts for power over accuracy? Want to see Mark Millon highlights? Or Michigan getting meaty? All that and more inside…

Lots of good lacrosse means a Lacrosse Video Expolsion is imminent. Prepare yourself for the boom.

K18: Power Over Accuracy?

Holy Shnikes. I guess if you put the ball stick side high at 110 miles per hour, the accuracy aspect kind of gets thrown out the window. Pure power from Harrison in the last LXM game. His slow-mo shot is faster than my regular shot. I feel shame.

Also, was K18 playing attack? I guess that’s what veteran status gets you. I pull that card all the time.

Michigan Gets Meaty

Lifting in Ann Arbor. What else are you going to do? It’s fricking freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth.

Tusculum Introduces Director of Lacrosse

The Greenville, Tennessee school will begin play in 2013-14, and has named Richard Carrington as the Director of Lacrosse, and Head Coach.

Florida Trick Shots

Check it out on!

Highlights From #1 MLL Pick

Sure, he’s 42 years old now but I’m not sure that it matters. Dude can straight up play, knows the game and could still make an impact for a pro squad. Check out some excellent old clips from Millon’s MLL days of yore…

FIL In Columbia with Kevin Dugan

Kevin Dugan, a man of lacrosse, wherever it is played, is always growing the game. Check out some of what he has seen in Bogota, Columbia, on his Youtube page. Definitely worth a watch, or two, or three!

How To Do Interlocks

Oh, that’s how you do it. Now you know!

For someone who has never strung before, that video is actually incredibly useful.

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