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Tie Up Tuesday: All Tied Up - Epoch Lacrosse Looks Back
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Tie Up Tuesday: All Tied Up – Epoch Lacrosse Looks Back

Editor’s Note: Welcome back to Tuesday Tie Up from Epoch Lacrosse! Each week, we feature a guest lacrosse personality to help you see how the big guns string their heads. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, so pay attention! We’ll let Epoch take it from here…

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Epoch Lacrosse has a growing collection of Tied Up heads and through Tie Up Tuesday, that stockpile has been multiplying!

As the Tie Up collection continues to grow, Epoch wanted to give a shout out to everyone that was able to do a live #EpochTieUp, a sit-down Tie Up in Studio 22 or sent in a pearl to be a featured head.

We like to think that it’s always great to bring out friends into the studio to watch their stringing techniques firsthand and to talk shop.

Here’s some of our favorite Tie Up Tuesday features from the previous rotation around the sun:

Epoch Lacrosse All-Stars

There were too many great posts to list them all, but we tried to provide a wide variety of pockets and stringers to prove that anyone, and everyone should attempt to get creative while stringing lacrosse sticks!

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Want to have your voice heard? Please answer a few Q’s for us in the comments below… Who was your favorite stringer featured in an #EpochTieUp? Did you pick up any new techniques? Who should we feature in an upcoming Tie Up Tuesday?

Live. Play. Be.
Team Epoch